⦿ ElongF revolutionizes DeFi by solving all of its major problems: rugs, bugs, hyperinflation, gas costs, and impermanent losses ElongF token is our first token and allows users for Passive Yield Farming (PYF). With PYF You just need to have $ElonGF in your wallet to earn more of it, and the rewards will appear instantly. To attain self-Sustaining the contract absorbs a portion of all transactions and transfers it into its liquidity pool, forever raising the floor price. The ElonGF is the sole owner of its forever growing, locked, and unwithdrawable liquidity pool

We provided and locked the 45 % of the total supply to Pancakeswap and threw away the keys! 
The remaining 50% was  burned to CZ so everyone has to buy on the open market (buy limit set at 2.5% of total supply), ensuring a fair and complete distribution where no whale can dump on the community.

⦿  Tokenomics :   5 Millions max supply, 2 % is sent to provide liquidity and locked up, 2 % is re-allocated to all $ElonGF holders proportionally.  

⦿ SpaceM is our next token! COMING SOON, The second token incentivized on the farm offers special rewards for those who provide liquidity. Details on how to acquire this token, tokenomics and incentives will be announced with the reveal of ElonGF Farm.    


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